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Talent Strategy

Human based management to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises!

Since its founding, always adhere to the "people-oriented" management concept, and make it become the key to enhance the overall strength of enterprises.

The open channel, invite the talent to join.

Actively expand employment channels, take two into a full range, multi channel talents ". First, enter all kinds of high-level talent market, attract all kinds of talents needed by enterprises. Two is to enter the institutions of higher learning, participate in the talents dialogue activities of higher education institutions, discuss and communicate with talents in universities and colleges, and make two-way choice. In addition, through international cooperation, the establishment of headhunting, talent website and other channels to attract talent.

Let go of talents and realize rational allocation of people and posts.

Adhere to the "sage on top, wise side, one center, employing the principle of work in the first", establish "cadres, personnel can, institutions may be set out, income can lower energy" four "employment mechanism. The design for the staff occupation career development planning, combined with the implementation of performance evaluation, education and training, job rotation exercise system, create a good environment for it and healthy competition incentive mechanism.